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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to

THIS ROOM is a PRIVATE ROOM!! It is the same as you guys in your respective private homes. It is not like Yahoo or AOL. A private person created this room for his purpose. You are all here at his pleasure.

He set up some trusted moderators to monitor this room according to his wishes. You don't have to like everything that goes on in this room. You have a choice to go elsewhere to chat. There are millions of chat rooms available. Start with the one right below us. But IN HERE you play by OUR RULES!!

And we have NO obligation to tell you what those rules are. But it definitely DOES include being respectful to the moderators, being mature in your conversations, and being PARTICIPATORY.

We will instantly kick or ban known haters, sex deviants or predators, childish behavior, chatters who divulge private information or ID of others or their own in the main room, or similar types of behavior as WE see fit.

This room is for Adults only, minors will be booted.
Remember, this is a PRIVATE room.

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